Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thirty Days of D&D, Day 7: Favorite Edition

I might not have a definitive favorite edition,
but I feel this D&D ampersand
is the most iconic.
If we go by my postings, my favorite edition of D&D would appear to be 2nd edition. That may be true given much of my gaming took (takes) place using that edition. By the format of games I'm playing (via Play by Post) the rules are the right system weight. There's enough gristle for players to sink their teeth upon in order to have their rules sheets reflect their characters with a degree of specializations and skill development but the use and interaction of those elements does not bog down the already sluggish pace of PbP (or PBeMs).

Yet, I've also spent a number of years solely playing 3E/3.5E games, also through PbP/PBeM. I have no problems with games of that era or it's recent derivatives like Pathfinder. It takes a certain mindset to get into, but it is not difficult for me to get into. Likewise, a recent interest in and exploration of OSR games reveals they're compatible enough with my 'new school' notions of D&D that I wouldn't have much difficulty giving them a try (or AD&D (1E) for that matter, unless modified OA counts).

I've limited opportunities to play and I count any instance where I get to game to be a favored activity. If I could feasibly try all the editions I would, they would all be my favorite edition as long as I'm playing some form of the game. I see the composition of the gamers and the general premise of the game more important than the rules. I can adapt to quirks of rules throughout the editions and similar games. What would throw me off more would be a poor game setup, either a group of disruptive or mismatched players, or a weak premise. The former part of that statement would hold up a game no matter the edition. The latter part is relative, I could be in the mood for a simple dungeon crawl one game or really desire an deeply interlinked game of cloak & dagger style intrigue the next. What's important is finding games that interest you and playing them or at least discussing them, which is what I take  as the purpose of this blog challenge.

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