Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bundle of Holding FATE

The latest Bundle of Holding is powered by FATE!

Here's description of what's in the Bundle of Fate according to the +Bundle of Holding G+ feed:
"We've just launched the Bundle of Fate, a pay-what-you-want collection of leading tabletop RPGs that all use the popular and fast-growing Fate rules system.

In the last decade Fate has risen ever stronger in RPGs. When Evil Hat Productions sought US$3,000 in its recent Fate Core Kickstarter, fans enthusiastically donated $433,000. From its humble beginnings as a FUDGE variant, Fate has become one of the standout OGL-licensed systems. Now there are a dozen or more major games that build on the Fate rules, and this collection presents most of the best.

Every purchase of the Bundle of Fate includes DRM-free .PDF rulebooks of these fine Fate RPGs:

   Ehdrigohr (Council of Fools)
   Full Moon (Nothing Ventured Games)
   Spirit of the Century (Evil Hat Productions)

(As a convenience to you, we also include Evil Hat's Fate Core and Fate Accelerated rulebooks, which are available as free downloads from the Evil Hat website.)

If you pay higher than the average price (starting at US$12, and likely to rise), you also get these standout games:

   The Kerberos Club, Fate Edition (Arc Dream)
   Legends of Anglerre (Cubicle 7 Entertainment)
   Starblazer Adventures (Cubicle 7)

If you paid full price for all these .PDFs, you'd spend over US$100. But we let you set your own price for the entire collection. Ten percent of your payment goes to our contributors' two chosen charities, the Somaly Mam Foundation and War Child International.

As with previous Bundles of Holding, the starting average price of the Bundle of Fate is heavily weighted to keep it from rising fast. We're adding 1,000 "fake" sales (ten times the usual amount!) to slow the price-rise way down. But the sooner you buy, the lower the average price will be, and the cheaper it is to get the bonus books.

Act fast -- the Bundle of Fate offer ends Thursday, September 19."

Here's a word from Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions about the Bundle of Fate (also via G+):

The latest Bundle of Holding is all Fate!

There's a passel of older stuff, a smattering of new, and we've also made Fate Core and Fate Accelerated a part of it simply as a convenience measure and a how-do-you-do to newcomers to the system.

Better yet, the books you see here aren't the only ones that are going to show up by the end, if past Bundles of Holding are any indication. Getting in early means you'll get in while the average price is low, so it's the most affordable way to get the bonus books in the bundle (gotten only if you pay above the current average).

A portion of this Bundle, like the others that have gone before it, will go to charities. In this case Allen's hivemind has selected the Somaly Mam Foundation and War Child International. Links at the bottom of this post.

Give it a look! There's such a wide selection here I have a feeling everybody's at least got a shot at picking up something they haven't before.

Somaly Mam Foundation   

War Child International

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