Sunday, January 26, 2014

Celebrating 40 years of D&D!

Celebrating 40 years of D&D! The Kickoff, Officially...

For D&D's 40th Anniversary, Wizards encourages fans to play the game and enjoy. What better way to celebrate. There is no better way to celebrate.

Also, if you're up for it, shout out your love of the game through the D&D Facebook Page and D&D Twitter Channel (or any social media would be fine I assume cause the G+ communities are significant) using #DnD40.

To get the ball rolling, WotC posted thoughts and videos of a couple of familiar designers/authors speaking about their D&D experiences.


Okay, it's Ed Greenwood and Troy Denning if anyone is curious but not curious enough to click the link. And now you probably clicked through. Ha!


Over at the Kobold Press blog, the kobolds have cleverly trapped some designers/authors-you-may-have-heard-of to interrogate them about their favorite experiences regarding the most venerable roleplaying game.

Part one of this blog series includes David "Zeb" Cook, Bruce Cordell, Jeff Grubb, Colin McComb, Wade Rockett, Robert Schwalb, and Margaret Weis.

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