Thursday, December 26, 2013

Frog God Games 2013 Holiday Grab Bag Unboxing

Saddle stitched adventures fore, perfect bound modules plus ToH III hardcover aft.

One Large Box

- S&W Dice set
- S&W Patch
- Orcus Sticker
- Rappan Athuk side view map
- S&W Encounter Cards
- S&W Monster Cards
- K4: The Coils of Set 
- K5: The Six Spheres of Zaihhess 
- K7: Tower of Jhedophar 
- K9: Elemental Moon 
- F1: Vindication 
- H1: The Bonegarden 
- L2: Vampires and Liches 
- G9: A Lamentation of Thieves 
- M3: Maze of Zayene 3: Tower Chaos 
Tome of Horrors III hardcover (3E)
Hall of Bones (S&W) - A Free RPG Day module, which I wanted since I can never make it to the event.
MCMLXXV, in Grimmsgate cover (S&W) - Have it already from the S&W Kickstarter, same mismatch cover coincidentally.
- ST10 - ST14: Slumbering Tsar The Hidden Citadel Parts 2 - 6 (PF) - Already have the ST hardcover.

The NG modules are great because I don't have most of them. Also very pleased with the miscellaneous items as they were kickstarter extras I didn't add-on at the time. Cost of the large grab bag was $100 plus priority shipping. Going by retail prices the box certainly more than makes up for its value.

A quick scan of eBay shows the modules going anywhere between $9 to $15 with the average price working out to around $10. Of course, since these adventures are not rare, they do crop up as auction lots quite often for very reasonable prices. With 15 full adventures at $10 a piece, the Free RPG Day adventure is about $4, ToH III is around $16, we're looking at $170 for the books alone. Combined with the other materials, I would optimistically value of the box at about $200. 

However, leave it to my luck to end up with 6 modules as duplicates of the few FGG adventures I already have. This immediately takes out $60 worth of value from the box. None of the items are particularly uncommon or even in demand given the existence of the excellent Slumbering Tsar hardcover and we've been flooded with the MCMLXXV module covered in the Grimmsgate skin. As my shelf space dwindles, I have to find some way to liquidate them.

Compared to acquiring out-of-print modules on eBay, with some patience, it is feasible to obtain these modules for a similar price. Overall it was a wash due to the duplicates in my collection. If the Slumbering Tsar modules had be just about anything else, the equation would change drastically.

Such is the way of random grab bags.

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