Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Treats at DriveThruStuff

DriveThruRPG has a Halloween themed Trick or Treat scavenger hunt until November 3rd. Click around to find the jack-o-lantern icons to place discounted PDFs into your cart and checkout for free.

It's pumpkin loads of fun. Isn't free stuff always fun?

The DriveThruStuff subsidiaries also have similar scavenger hunts for products of their respective categories.

For the more impatient here's the list for DriveThruRPG:

- Savage Worlds Horror Companion (Pinnacle Entertainment) @ Follow Link for Halloween scavenger hunt (

- Wild Cards SCARE Sheet 1: Bugsy (Green Ronin) @ Troubleshooting, top of page (

- Streets of Bedlam: A Savage World of Crime + Corruption (FunSizedGames) @ About Us, end of text (

- Profane Miracles (Pelgrane Press) @ Our Latest Newsletter, left sidebar (

- Kobold Quarterly Magazine 23 (Kobold Press) @ Product Reviews, top of page (

- A Guide to Transylvania (2e) (Wizards of the Coast) @ Free Stuff, the very bottom of page (

- Promethean: The Created (White Wolf) @ Follow Your Favorites, middle of page under main text (

The grand total for these would be $63.45 at listed retail prices. Including the Guide to Transylvania (2e) which isn't even scheduled for release until November 5th (estimated the price to be $9.99 like similar Ravenloft guides for the above total value). 

Thanks to all the companies involved and to DriveThruStuff for making free stuff an activity.

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