Friday, October 4, 2013

Thirty Days of D&D, Day 30+: Afterword

So what did I take away from all this?

Based on the views of each post page, the most active topic wasn't even part of the Thirty Days challenge, but a reversal of the favorite gameworld topic. With views of over two or three times above most of the other posts, it seems negativity pulls in eyeballs or at least draws mouse clicks.

Now that the Thirty Days challenge has concluded, I can take a look back to see the entire thing as one activity. As the daily prompts oriented towards the blogger's own thoughts and experience, the topics were easy to tackle even if they offered limited use to any potential reader.

Though I didn't complete the challenge on time, I managed to ramble over 8000 words across 16 posts on the various daily topics and covered all the topics. Long winded, probably, but this was the most I've written about anything in a long time. At an average of 500 words per post and with about a post every other day (despite the front loaded schedule), I've found a scale of what is feasible give my regular routine.

To put those word counts into perspective. When I was a patron of the Midgard Campaign setting, smaller elements submitted for review or voting, like mercenary companies, merchant houses and minor NPCs were about 150 words. Major NPCs and rulers were 300 - 400 words long, deities write-up were about 750, as were small kingdom submissions.

Personally I felt this productivity occured only because there was a list of tasks to complete. Even if real life obligations made the latter part of the month too hectic to complete the blog assignment on time, the loose list of topics were covered. The topics themselves being of questionable interest even to the writer, balanced out with the ease of content flow for the challenge. The next goal is to create ones own prompts to maintain some sort of output, hopefully on topics of more general interest.

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